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to the world's largest Golden-inspired website! Since 1997 we have strived to help others strengthen and proactively lengthen the bond. Our 501(c)(3) nonprofit additionally provides cancer treatment grants for working dogs and funds research in comparative oncology.

A Personal Struggle
Our Golden Oliver led the way when our site came online in 1997. And, his valiant struggle and loss to lymphoma helped us channel our efforts in more healthful and holistic ways. Yet, even with reduced vaccinations, filtered water, a chemically-clean environment, organic foods, and more, we did not escape a fibrosarcoma diagnosis with our Golden Darcy in 2005. Their images, along with other Goldens who have lost such battles, are honored above.

In October 2006, we learned about Harley, a Golden boy from San Antonio. The discovery of a brain tumor compounded difficulties his mom, Andrea Hanssen, was experiencing due to being a widow, single mom, and nursing student. The huge costs of treatment took her entire savings. But, Andrea continued on, her positive spirit present even though Harley was not well enough to continue his visitations to wounded soldiers at the Brooke Army Medical Center. We provided a special fundraiser for Harley, raising over $10,000 to cover his medical bills.

The amount we can extend ($1,000 per dog) is small, when one considers the enormous cost of scans, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. However, it allows more dogs to be helped. But your help for a specific dog could make a huge difference. Remember, whatever you donate, always goes directly to the treating veterinarian or veterinary specialist. And, it is tax-deductible as well, which means a win-win for all.

How to Apply for a Working Dog Cancer Treatment Grant
Our grants are $1,000 per individual full-time working dog partner, the reimbursements provided directly to respective veterinary personnel for oncology related expenses in the United States and Canada. All breeds/mixes may apply.

Applicants MUST have been active, full-time working dogs at the time of cancer diagnosis, in the areas of assistance, detection, search & rescue, enforcement, military work, or animal-assisted therapy*. Emotional support dogs, comfort dogs, and therapy dogs are not eligible as they are not considered service dogs under Title II and Title III of the ADA.

Dogs over 9 are exempt as service dogs are retired by that age, and statistically, after the age of 10, cancer is considered a disease of old age.

All applicants must prove that their dogs have been professionally trained and certified.

1. Click here to download the [PDF] Cancer Treatment Fund Grant Application. Complete and snail mail your downloaded application to: Land of PureGold Foundation, 3731 Greenway Lane, Owings Mills, MD 21117. Be sure to include copies of all the required documents and all necessary signatures.
2. Send an email (foundation at landofpuregold dot com) informing us that you have downloaded a grant application. In the email, detail the job that your dog provides and a biography of his/her life, including his/her recent cancer diagnosis. Also, include photos of your dog, and yourself with your dog if you'd like. This may be placed online if your application is approved. Applications cannot be accepted unless this step is fulfilled.

We will pay $1,000 toward treatment costs within 14 days of receipt, if the application meets established criteria. Supportive supplements, to augment the dog's current cancer treatment regimen, may also be provided by Suzi Beber, Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund founder.

*Animal-assisted Therapy Dogs MUST be providing at least 30 hours weekly to qualify. They can be full-time facility dogs in assisted living homes or providing therapy in a professional setting (e.g., working with a speech, physical therapy, or occupational therapist; working in a school 5 days weekly; etc.). Animal-assisted Visitation Dogs are no longer included in our grant program.

Dogs Helped by our Grant Program
We have helped close to 40 working dogs with their cancer-related bills. While we'd love to share all of their stories, we don't always get materials and information from their respective partners. But, when we do, it is wonderful! Below, please enjoy some of the partnerships that we have assisted.
  1. the phone (getting the phone when it rings)ace on command, stiffening body to play the Rock of Gibraltar, to steady Sharon after she get up or after Gadget pulls her to her feetrt to the stove timerert to people that they are needed to help Sharon in some way
Animal Assisted Therapy Dog (Golden) Harley
Animal Assisted Therapy Dog (Golden) Inker
Search and Rescue Dog (Golden) Brady
Search and Rescue Dog (Black Lab) Alley
Animal Assisted Therapy Dog (Golden) Chance
K-9 Enforcement Dog (German Shepherd) Xantho
K-9 Enforcement/SAR Dog (Golden) Robin 
Animal Assisted Therapy Dog (Border Collie) Molly
Guide Dog (Vizsla) Scooby Doo
Animal Assisted Therapy Dog (Greyhound) Alf
Animal Assisted Therapy/Demo Dog (Greyhound) Bullet
Diabetes Alert Dog (Golden) Montana
Guide Dog (Yellow Lab) Comet
Hearing Dog (German Shepherd / Collie Mix) Chewy
Sensory Overload & Seizure Response Dog (Golden) Pebbles
Mission Ready Type I Search Dog (Golden) Murphy's Law
Animal Assisted Therapy Dog (Standard Poodle) Rylee
Animal Assisted Therapy Dog (Standard Poodle) Haley
Narcotics Dog (Belgian Malinois) Castor
Police K9 (German Boxer) Shawnee
Explosive Detection Dog (German Shepherd) Ketty
Hearing Dog (Schnauzer) Dune
Hypoglycemic Detection Dog (Lab) Odetta
Mobility Assistance Dog (Cattle Dog) Akua
Guide and Assistance Dog (Flat Coated Retriever) James
Mobility Assistance and Seizure Alert (Rottweiler/Shepherd) Lotta
Mobility Assistance Dog (Belgian Sheepdog) Weyekin
Mobility Assistance Dog (Golden) Lunar Sky
Medical Alert Dog (Dachshund) Hershey
Animal Assisted Therapy Dog (Standard Poodle) Nick
Animal Assisted Therapy Dog (Golden) Marley
Guide Dog (Black Lab) Icon
Police K-9 Enforcement Dog (German Shepherd) Gomo
Mobility Assistance Dog (Bouvier) Gadget
Animal Assisted Therapy Dog (Golden) Armani
Animal Assisted Therapy Dog (Golden) Buddy
Animal Assisted Therapy Dog (Golden) Scout
Search and Rescue (Flat-Coated Retriever) Gabe
Diabetic Alert Dog (Black Lab) Lulu
Search and Rescue Scent Dog (Mixed breed) Hera
Seeing Eye Dog (Black Lab) Francine
Mobility Assistance Dog (Lab) Tim
SAR K9 (Lab) Pippa
Human Remains Detection K9 (Lab) Payton
Sensory Overload Response Dog (Golden)
Facility Animal Assisted Therapy Dog (Golden Doodle) Buddy

Make a Donation to this Special Program

Your tax-deductible donations are integral to our provision of grants to help working dogs in need of cancer treatment. Donations can be made in any amount by clicking below on the "Donate" button. You may also designate in the comments area if you want to direct your donation to a specific dog referenced above.